Enhancing Fuel Quality Standards: SSNBS and MARKSOL INC Forge Strategic Collaboration in South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan – A recent workshop organised by the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards (SSNBS) in partnership with MARKSOL INC shed light on critical issues regarding the unchecked entry of substandard goods through border checkpoints, prompting concerns from Mr. Wilson Lodiong Sebit and commendation from the Minister of Trade and Industry.

During the workshop on inspection, testing, and fuel marking, Mr. Sebit highlighted the vulnerability of the Nimule border at night, expressing concerns about unguarded entry points allowing substandard products into the country. He urged the Ministry of Trade to ensure 24-hour operations at Nimule checkpoints to prevent the unchecked influx of goods that do not meet standards.

Applauding the collaboration between SSNBS and MARKSOL INC, Mr. Sebit recognized the impact of their joint efforts, noting a decrease in vehicle issues caused by substandard fuel. He emphasized the importance of rigorous testing and marking of fuel before its entry into South Sudan, underscoring the benefits for public health and the automotive industry.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Trade and Industry, speaking at the MARKSOL Business Review and laboratory handover event, commended the strategic alliance between SSNBS and MARKSOL INC. The Minister highlighted SSNBS’s role in upholding standards and ensuring an environment conducive to business development.

Underlining the economic implications of robust fuel testing and marking, the Minister stressed the necessity of maintaining high-quality fuel standards to prevent economic losses resulting from substandard products. Recognizing MARKSOL INC’s expertise, the Minister lauded the efficacy of the public-private partnership in integrating global best practices into local operations.

Both speeches underscored the commitment to empower SSNBS for independent oversight of fuel quality, ensuring adherence to high standards.

The collaboration between SSNBS and MARKSOL INC stands as a crucial step toward safeguarding South Sudan’s economy and public health by fortifying fuel quality standards.


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